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If You are Searching for Specialists in Criminal, Traffic and Family Law Contact Law Firms Adelaide

Law Firms Adelaide is an innovative practice recognised for its specialisation in Criminal, Traffic and Family Law. They are results driven firm and strive to ease their clients through what can sometimes be a complicated and daunting process. All the clients receive direct and cost effective legal advice from the very highly skilled and dedicated lawyers, and you can rest assured that your legal matter will not be delegated to any inexperienced practitioners.

This team of dedicated lawyers work closely with some of the professional experts, in order to ensure that you will receive the best legal representation and outcome for your case. When you find yourself in a family law dispute, it is important that you seek quality legal advice as soon as possible. These lawyers are experienced in providing Family Law advice and representation, and they have helped many clients to successfully manage the end of their marriage or relationship in a timely manner. These professional and compassionate lawyers will undertake to resolve your dispute definitively and favourably, whether you seek a civil negotiation or application to the Court.

Areas of Practice

Lawyers have successfully defended clients charged with offences ranging from minor traffic infringements to murder. At Law Firms Adelaide no charge is too serious or too trivial for their experienced team. They routinely travel interstate to represent clients charged with a range of criminal offences. These lawyers have also successfully represented clients involved in family disputes and related litigious matters. They specialise exclusively in the following areas of practice:

          Criminal Lawyers Adelaide
          Traffic Law
          Criminal Asset Confiscation
          Family Law

Mainly, they understand that there are unfortunate circumstances in everybody’s lives that require legal advice. This can be reflective of a difficult and often stressful time, which is why these lawyers endeavour to always be sensitive, sympathetic, and understanding of your situation. Choosing to seek professional legal advice is a big decision, and the experienced family lawyers are renowned for being approachable, compassionate, and honest, while keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

The dedicated team thoroughly understand all their client’s matters and handle them attentively
 These Criminal Lawyers provide direct and effective legal advice in every case, and they also regularly travel interstate to represent their clients. They take great pride in the fact that all of their professional lawyers have many years of experience in their fields, so you can rest assured that your legal matter is never delegated to inexperienced lawyers. These lawyers also work closely with professional experts to ensure that these clients receive the best legal representation and outcome.


No matter how minor or complex your matter may be, call the expert team at Law Firms Adelaide for any obligation free discussion. If you find yourself in legal trouble, make a time to speak with one of the best and expert Lawyers today.


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